True story of one breakup
What can you do when your husband leaves you after 12 years of marriage? Create a blog and start writing about it.
Hello, I'm Masha.
This is my story. I don't have a rich imagination, thus I did not invent anything. Only added colour in places, so that you will pour tears more energetically and laugh more excitedly.

Not all characters are fictional in this story; even some of them possess actual names. Occasionally, events are turned inside out, tints are intensified, details are vague, and people are endowed fantasy features. But all in all sketchers are made from nature. All the rest is the vision of the artist.

We parted quickly (and unexpectedly for me). 12 years of marriage ended in 2 months. Approximately two months from September the 18th, when he said: "We have to separate", till the official divorce. But the story that started by the end of September lasted much longer.

2 months sharp after the X day, in November, I started Telegram channel. I just began to write and publish. It was a way for me to outlive and dismiss.

It turned out that my texts are useful not only for me. I got readers. Not only my friends but other people whom I did not know, began to send me their stories, empathize, support. I even got a bottle of champagne one day from a girl from Vancouver.

In February 2019, 4 months from X day, I began to write a book and it was almost ready in April. I did not know how to finish it though. And then in May a wonderful story happened to me, it was like in a movie. And I decided – here it is, the ending for the book!

Due to endeavors of my readers and my friends the book will be here very soon.

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Highlights of The Sound of Butterflies! illustrated
Who is Masha Shmitova
At 26 she met a man of her live – professional athlete Andrey. They married and spent 12 years together. It was a happy marriage.
Masha is 38. She was born and grew up in Moscow.

Mid height, light brown hair, blue eyes, mesomorphic body type, a little bit of botox.

Marketer by education and profession. Worked as a journalist, PR manager, brand manager. A freelancer sometimes, by necessity works in an office.

In 2012 moved with her husband to Sydney. In September 2018 returned to Moscow for a half a year. And then back to Sydney. This time alone.

Masha pursues the principal (always when it is possible): to do what she likes and not to do what she does not like. And she is confident that happiness formula is in everyday life.
If you want to learn more about the author of this blog or about the book that "grew" from the Telegram channel, was digitally published in October 2019 and now in the process of translation, please follow the link:

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