New York
November 2019
28 November
The city
— What will you do in New York?
— The same as usual. Walk. Stare at the buildings and people. Catch up with some friends in Manhattan.

It is believed that when you have been in a city many times, you should have favorite places. Streets, parks, restaurants, cafes, museums, viewpoints. I have nothing of that kind in New York.

Our first meeting was a complete disappointment. In 2009 if I'm not mistaken. For the first time I experienced jet lag here. We came here for a marathon — a friend was participating, and a bunch of friends and I were supporting him. My head ached 24 hours in a row and everything annoyed me. So many times Ive seen this city in different movies, it was exactly the same as on the screen. But the rhythm, atmosphere, bags of trash on the streets, crowds, dust, loud noises and flashing lights — it was all too much. "Never again", — I thought.

But I have been back. I don't remember why. And then again — because I felt like going. And many times after. I even thought to live here for six months or so... But that was before Sydney. Accustomed to Sydney's rhythm of life, I became unsuitable for life in Moscow, not even to mention New York.

I was in love. I didn't let the camera out of my hands. Each sunny glare on the facade, a yellow maple tree near a red brick wall; each gargoyle on the ledge of art-deco buildings and a reflection of the black silhouette of a tree with blue sky as a background in a tinted mirror window; each porch in East Village and every squirrel in Central Park; the famous white clouds of steam, floating like a gin from a bottle above the roadway; lace of a gothic church squeezed between the longitudinal and transverse blocks of glass and concrete; a blonde lady in a sand-colored coat, red sole shoes with a terrier on a graceful leash of cornflower blue; wrought iron lanterns and an American flag waving over the street in the rays of the setting sun. I photographed all of this dozens of times.

The desire and delight of novelty has passed. I realized that we weren't meant to be together. I can't say that I know New York very well. And I'm not really trying. Keeping the distance. I'm just enjoying it and don't really need to get particularly anywhere.

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